LA Muscle World is the official clothing and accessory store of LA Muscle Limited. It features products with the official LA Muscle® logo as well as a whole host of original designer items. 

LA Muscle has teamed up with some of the best apparel partners and designers in the world to give you the unique range you see here. This is the only official website for LA Muscle clothing and accessories. 

The LA Muscle® clothing you see online here are of extremely high quality materials with a huge choice. As well as extremely durable and tough printing on the clothing, you can also choose embroidered or organic clothing. Your LA Muscle item will be something you will proudly wear in or out of the gym. 

Some items are limited and sell out fast. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us. For example if you see a T-Shirt design that you really like and you would like a hoodie with the same design, we may have it in stock in one of our warehouses and it may not be showing, so please get in touch and let's see what we can do for you. 

 If you are an LA Muscle customer already, you will need to re-register on this website as it is a separate domain but once you have registered here, you can just log back in for any future clothing orders from the new collection. 

Enjoy your visit and thank you for your custom with LA Muscle®.

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